Saturday, April 11, 2009

Identity Crisis

Okay, i went in rooting for it, i adore Seth Rogen and have faith in his choices. Buuuuut, Observe and Report didnt know what kind of movie it wanted to be. It towed the line between not that hilarious comedy and awkward wtf drama. I would say the comparison of Seth's character to DeNiro's Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver is a sound one, although why try to make seth rogen robert deniro? it had nice cameos by aziz ansari (one of my faves) and patton oswalt. Anna Faris was funny even though it was hard to look at anything but her bloated lips the entire film. It was overall kind of jarring and hard to get into, with speratic laughs-i give it a C. sorry dude.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Gran Torino....

Clint Eastwood, i trusted you man!!
after Changeling, Letters from Iwo Jima,Flags of Our Fathers, and Million Dollar Baby i thought he could do no wrong!
he dropped the ball on this one, what happened?
it was a terrible script, everything was so obvious, it left nothing for you to figure out or intuit yourself, every time they were about to imply something, they would just outright say it instead. the pieces didn't come together, and it was obviously not very well thought out.
dont get me started on the acting. please. I'm sorry but Sue and Thao were AWFUL. first time movie actors? more like first time they've ever attempted to read a script aloud in their lives. the priest was terrible aswell, he was so *beep* boring. they were just terrible actors, and with the name Clint Eastwood on this movie i dont know why they couldn't have pulled in some promising new talent, the movie still would have been terrible, but at least maybe it would have been tolerable.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Revolutionary Road

This is why i go to the movies. i guess i just have to wait around for sam mendes to change my life every ten years with a brilliant piece of work, because he is a fucking mastermind. kate winslet is (not surprisingly) brilliant, and we all know leo is a great actor but he REALLY gives his all in this performance, the fight scenes between them are explosive and while painful, fun to watch. they have great chemistry and just fucking tear eachother up in this movie. one character/actor/character actor was michael shannon, ive seen him in some crap movies before, but he was absolutely amazing in this, reminded me of heath ledger's joker a tad, and stole the show, even when the scenes were shared with kate, leo, and kathy bates, and thats saying something. a story about the american dream delusion, and god was it was depressing. its about the inevitability of unhappiness when you dont persue your best life, and what that can do to a person, about the imprisonment of suburban life, living out other people's standards and expectations, and just trying to feel alive at any cost. it was so thrilling to watch the actors, and to see the meticulous way the story was put together, no scene or line unnessessary. after Revoluationary Road, my belief in marriage is waning, but my belief in the power of cinema is rock solid.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

kate winslet can do no wrong.

This was a very good film. The relationship between Winslet and Kross was so tender, the age difference not even an issue. watching them spend time together, reading, hanging out naked, bathing each other, it sincerely felt like a genuine glimpse into the afternoon of a couple in love. while kates character was stern, within the relationship she skillfully let off a softness with this boy. i wanna know who this kid is!!! he was so vulnerable, and adorable, i want to see more of him asap. it quickly turns from a love tale, to a conflicting story about right and wrong, forgiveness and of all things cheery, the holocaust.

Benjamin Butthole, actually i liked it- just couldnt resist.

I didn't hear many good things about this movie, but went in with an open mind as usual. At the beginning i kind of thought the CGI was lame, but then i realized i was a jaded asshole and it was actually very realistic and kind of amazing. It was fun to watch an old man act like a child, and a young hot dude be as wise as an 80 year old. The whole time i wanted to scrape cate blanchett's face off, put it on toast and eat it. It is long, i think 2:45, but honestly i thought it felt light nonetheless. the scenery is beautiful, the film makes you think about mortality and living a full life. if you dont have a fireplace at home, just go see this, its perfect for winter, a whimsical escape into an f scott fitzgerald fairytale, with a hot, good to look at couple.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Ummmm, can we talk for a second about how EPIC the Watchmen trailer is? It looks like it is going to be absolutely amazing! I assumed that it was Frank Miller, but i was mistaken it will be Zack Snyder-the director of 300, close enough. It looks beautiful, and has a good cast to boot!

Eagle Eye yay yay this movie sucked.

I know this movie came out like three months ago, so its a little late, but i can warn you just in time to avoid the DVD. This may be the worst movie Ive seen since Leatherheads. I'm sorry but i really dont think Shia makes a great leading man, just because you booked the 4th and shittiest Indiana Jones movie, doesn't make you Harrison Ford. I vote Shia quirky sidekick for life. First off, O-V-E-R DRAMATIC doesnt even sum it up. It really hurts my soul to watch actors in crying/screaming scenes, getting all riled up, when the movie sucks so much dick i dont care at all. Shia really came off as a douche in this one, it had that whole Denzel Washington, arrogant "i'm a hero" vibe. I'm fucking over movies about technology taking over, its possible, i know, i get it, but that story line will not blow my mind, so give up, its over, youre not original. I guess this movie sort of knew it sucked, because when in doubt, blow up cars. There were probably over 1,000 innocent bystandards killed in the course of this movie, there were atleast five 30 car pile ups. Why does Billy Bob Thornton keep doing such horrible movies? He's won an oscar for god sakes! Moral of the story, Shia-act humbly in your choices and reamain a sidekick, Billy Bob- gimme a little more Monsters ball, a lil' less Mr. Woodcock. All i could think the entire movies is OH COME ON!